Administration of Medicine


The Headteacher will accept responsibility in principle for first aiders giving or supervising pupils taking prescribed medication during the school day. Medicine will not be given to a child unless there is specific prior written permission from the parents. These forms can be located in the school office.  Staff must not give prescription medicines or undertake healthcare procedures without appropriate training.  Where age-appropriate, staff will supervise children to manage their own medicines and procedures, after discussion with parents.


Each item of medication must be in a secure and labelled container as originally dispensed. Each item of medication must be clearly labelled with the following information:

  • pupil’s name
  • name of medication.
  • dosage
  • method of administration
  • frequency of administration.
  • date of dispensing
  • storage requirements (if important).
  • expiry date. 

The school will not accept items of medication in unlabelled containers 

Medication will be kept in a locked medicine cabinet or the school fridge. Controlled drugs should be stored securely in a non-portable container and only named staff should have access. Pupils are aware where their medication is stored. The school will keep records of medicine administered, which they will have available for parents.


If children refuse to take medicines, staff will not force them to do so, and will inform the parents of the refusal, as a matter of urgency, on the same day. If a refusal to take medicines results in an emergency, the school’s emergency procedures will be followed.


It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school in writing if the pupil’s need for medication has ceased. It is the parents’ responsibility to renew the medication when supplies are running low and to ensure that the medication supplied is within its expiry date.


The school will not make changes to dosages on parental instructions.

School staff will not dispose of medicines. Medicines, which are in use and in date, should be collected by the parent at the end of each term. Date expired medicines or those no longer required for treatment will be returned immediately to the parent for transfer to a community pharmacist for safe disposal. Sharp boxes must be used for the disposal of needles and other sharps. Sharp boxes will be kept in a locked mounted cabinet.