For our Maths homework at Wimborne Infant School, we encourage children to practise KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts). Each half term, the children focus on a key area that will support their maths learning and will increase their fluency within mental arithmetic. The KIRFs have been planned to ensure progression across the school and each year group. 

At the beginning of each half term your child will be given a set of KIRFs, with advice on how to learn them and how you can support your child at home.  There are many fun and engaging ways to practise these through games, songs and competitions, depending on how your child learns best! Your child will complete a KIRFs Fact Check at this time, to give us an idea of what the children already know.

In the middle of each half term, your child will repeat the Fact Check. Then, we will send home the first and second Fact Check scores together so that you can see the progress your child has made so far. It is important at this stage that we focus purely on the progress that has been made and not on the score itself. At Wimborne, we value the importance of building children’s resilience in their learning and this will help them understand what they’ve achieved and what they need to practise next to continue to improve.

At the end of each half term, your child will complete the Fact Check for the final time. We will send this score home, so that you can celebrate your child’s successes over time.